“Dancing to save the animals, because they can't save themselves” 
Archduke of Awesome 

The Unassuming Gentlemen

Time to Go-Go Co-Creator


Our mission is to showcase the hottest performers; inspire global awareness about environmental issues to save the animals through the clever use of costumed performers in exotic locations, dancing to great music from around the globe.

“Time to Go Go, saving the animals one dance move at a time!” 

Viceroy of Vice 

The Unassuming Gentlemen

Time to Go-Go Co-Creator



Season one has begun filming at the best music festivals and parties in California, Las Vegas, Colorado and the United Kingdom.

Dancing to save the animals

Soundtrack selected by Undisputed Grooves! 

Each individual featured is dancing for a specific animal and competing for social media buzz and donations. We want to encourage individuals to join our efforts

to help save the animals through dance music. Your donations are used to continue to raise awareness about environmental issues concerning the preservation of the animals.


Time to go go

Dance music TV presented by 

Do you care about animals? SUbmit to join the show!

Record Producers, Actors, Performers, Sponsors & Investors become part of our movement!


We are working with some of dance music's top labels, producers and artists to create a one-of-a-kind music experience, where we showcase the hottest go-go dancers in amazing locations around the globe!

“If you are an amazing performer in the Nevada or California area, tired of watching things fall apart and want to do something positive, join us”​​

Damien J Bartlett  

Director & Producer of Time to Go-Go

Undisputed Grooves

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